MWSLL 2014 By-Laws


League’s By-Laws for 2014

These By-Laws approved, as of  12/8/13
Note: By-Laws must be review and approve each year, by the Board of Directors
  1. Adult League Membership closes on July 31st each year.
  2. League’s Treasurer is required to have another member of the Board of Director to co-sign any check being issued that is $500 or greater. No Board member who is a family member of the Treasurer will be allowed to be the other co-signer.
  3. Nonpayment of the registration fees must be reviewed with parents or guardians, by either the Player Agent or President and a report made to the Board of Directors.
  4. No smoking, No Alcohol allowed on any part of the property when there is any League event taking place such as games, practices or some other activity that is sponsored & approved by the Board of Directors.
  5. All players are asked to participate in two fundraising efforts. The two fundraisers are; Money Calendar & Tag Day. Tee Ball players are asked to only participate in the Money Calendar fundraiser. Any player, who fails to participate in a fundraising effort, will not be eligible to participate in any of the tournament teams, unless a fee of $50 is paid.
  6. Managers and Coaches cannot manage or coach in any other youth baseball or softball League during the regular season, playoffs & tournament season.
  7. All managers of League are encouraged to attend any and all Board meetings.
  8. Managers & Coaches should attend at least one (1) baseball skills clinic along with one (1) safety & first aid clinic.
  9. All problems & concerns should be reported to the President or any Board member.
  10. Divisions & Ages;   
    a. Intermediate Div. - 11 to 13 year olds
    b. Major Div. -    9 to 12 year olds
    c. AAA  Div. -    7 to 12 year olds *
    d. AA Div. -        6 to 9 year olds
    e. T-Ball Div. -    4 to 6 year olds **
    * (12’s need board approval)
    ** Players age 5 or 6 that have played at least 1 year in Tee Ball could be move up to AA Division with the approval of the Player Agent along with Division Coordinators.
  11. No trophies or participation medals are to be given to players at any of the League’s fields by teams or parents without prior approval by Board of Directors.
  12. The major division team that wins the playoffs (League’s Champion) is the team that will participate in each years’ Sam Harris City Tournament of Champions representing West Side LL.
  13. Majors only, in the case of an injury or illness where it cannot be determined at the time of the injury or illness when the player will be able to return to playing during the current season, the Board of Directors will defer a decision for a period of up to three weeks. At the next board meeting, either another continuation is needed or the decision to replace the player. But, there has to be a favorable vote for a continuance of the absent player by the Board.
  14. No player may be selected to come up to a major division team from a minor AAA team during the last two weeks of the season. A week starts on a Sunday. Any player must be selected by the last Saturday or before the Sunday starting the last two weeks. This could result in a major division team to be short a player or players for the remainder of the season and for all playoff games.
  15. A player in the AAA division when asked to come up to a major division team andrefuses to do so, for any reason, the player & the parents must be told that he/she will not be eligible to come up on to any other major team that year.
  16. All tournaments to be entered will be determined by the Board of Directors.
  17. The selection of tournament team managers and coaches is to be done by the President. The managers and coaches who are selected must be approved by the Board of Directors. Any manager or coach that has been approved can be suspended from their duties at any time for any cause by the President. This action must be reviewed by the Board of Directors within seven (7) days for a final resolution.
  18. The number of players to be on any of the tournament teams will be set by the Board of Directors.
  19. Players for all tournament teams will be selected by the managers of the various divisions for that level of play along with the Player Agent & League President. Each manager must participate in the annual all-star selections meeting, for their division’s team. The President shall chair this Committee. All final rosters must be presented to the Board of Directors and be approved by the Board.
  20. All team trophies won by any tournament team are to be turned over to the League’s Board of Directors.

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